The adventure of the little TOAD

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In June we went to Langkawi with my mother in law and Lesley. We staid there for 3-4 days and of course we staid at Pondok keladi an amazing place where in the night the only thing you can hear are the frogs singing.
We left Langkawi on a Thursday morning with the 9.35 am flight. We got home for lunch time and when Nigel took out his shoes from the bag he found inside a little toad who came for free from Langkawi. We tried to put some water on her to Hydrate it and we left it on the garden.
After few week here it is again on Nigel kung fu shoe, we took it out cos he needed the shoe and let it go in the garden again. It was a rainy day.
One Friday evening as usual Nigel left at 7pm to go to kung fu with his motorbike. First he was meeting his friend in a Chinese restaurant for dinner. When he open his rucksack he found the toad inside his shoe again and he had to keep it in. the he went to kung fu with it and after the lesson they came back home together again. We think the toad loves to travel cos it has been on a plane, on a car and on a motorbike :-)
Few days ago we saw a tiny toad jumping near our gate and we think our toad has found a friend :-)