Curry Lamb Jamaican style

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Today for dinner I tried one of the recipes from "Reggae Reggae cookbook". I couldn't use all the ingredients from the recipe cos I didn't have them so I put some of my creativity and it came out a great dish. My husband said "It's like Mom's cooking"

28 June 2009: 1st wedding anniversary

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Already 1 year married. Seems yesterday that we had that great party in Sardinia! It was a wonderful sunny day, all our dear friends were there with us and our family.
Everybody had fun, especially us!
To celebrate we went out for dinner even if Nigel was very tired from a long day at work. We had dinner in a Thai restaurant in Bangsar, "JIM's". It was OK, not great. Hopefully in August we go for few days to BKK and then we can have better food.
Celebrate our anniversary is nice, but everyday actually is a celebration of our life together.


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Yesterday I invited my friend Lina over for lunch so we could have "una bella chiaccherata" and I decided to make a light lunch using my new "Ottolenghi cooking book".
I worked in Ottolenghi in Notting hill for one year and I loved the salads. The chefs Sami and Yottam are great chefs and sometimes I miss their food. So now it's finally out their cooking book and my mother in law gave it to me as a present and I am looking forward to try many more recipes. Today I prepared "chargrilled broccoli with chilli and garlic"and "Mangetout with hazelnut and orange". With the Ottolenghi cooking book, my mother in law also gave me a Jamaica cooking book "Reggae reggae cookbook" by Levi Roots', so I can keep the family tradition. Next time I will try some great Jamaicanfood and I will post here the result.


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Tired of trying all the Italian restaurants in KL to find a good pizza, I decided to try and make it at home, following the direction of my friend from Napoli, Lina.
The result was great, Nigel loved it and now I think I can make it again and again:-)

babbo e mamma a KL

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My parents came to KL for the second time. Unfortunately we were just back from 2 holidays: Langkawi and Tioman, so Nigel didn't have any more free time.
Because my dad is a chef I decided to take him around KL wet markets. We visited Chow Kit, Bangsar morning market and the pasar melan on Sundays.
They loved them, I don't really like Chow Kit, actually I hate going there cos the men are so annoying with their continues stupid comments.
My parents loved to stay with us, visiting the markets, trying new food (including durian and sea coconut) and eating out everyday in a different restaurant or makan.

Pulau Tioman

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went to Pulau

We reached Tioman around 2pm, we staid at "Panuba Inn". The place was ok, the view was stunning and I love to wake up in the morning and watch the sea still sleeping and smell the salty air and enjoy the calm. Tioman is a paradise, the sea is amazing, clear water, clored fished, amazing corals. We enjoied snorkelling, but we don't dive so after 3 days of snorkelling and reading we decided to leave after 5 days.
Unfortunatly and fortunatly the island is untouched, still developing so we actually couldn't go anywhere then our resort, to go to the near beach we had to walk 15min in the jungle and not so easy walk. The food wasn't good, we had different dishes but the all tasted same.
So again we can say, Tioman is a beautiful island, romantic , relaxing, good for diving but boring after 4-5 days.

long long time

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We have been busy recently so I didn't update the blog.
In the last 4 months we had different members of the family over here.
In March as I mentioned before we had Roberta e Clara, my sisters. They staid here 2 weeks and together we went to Langkawi where we had a great time, again we staid at "Pondok Keladi" with our dear friends Dee and Marc.
My sisters loved the sun and the idea of being on the beach on March while in Italy was freezing cold.
We also went for island hopping and we visited a pesar malan, very interesting.

We had a fantastic meal in a chinese restaurant on the same street of Frangipani, I don't remember the name now but it's got big round tables and some strange lanterns in shape of butterfly, fish, etc. The praws in the bamboo were divine!!!