Elmo's Potty Time

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Time to show it to Chloe, I would like to start training her as soon as possible, before baby number 2 comes.

Eccoci a Roma / Here we are in Rome

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Finalmente eccoci in Italia, il viaggio e' andato bene e per le prime due settimane ci siamo dedicati a risolvere tutte le cose burocratiche che servono per metterci in regola qui in Italia e nel tempo libero abbiamo cercato di scoprire la citta' accompagnati dai miei genitori e anche da soli (dopo che loro sono ripartiti per la Sardegna)

Finally we are in Italy, the journey went well and for the first two weeks we dedicated the time to solve all the bureaucracy to be legally in Italy. In the free time we tried to visit the city with my parents for the first week then by ourselves.

Japanese friend in KL

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Fumiyo our friend and our Japanese "granma" is in KL with us for two weeks. We took her out for some meals and she loved all the food.
One day she cooked at home cos of course she misses her Japanese food.
She prepared some steamed rice with vegetables (carrots, bamboo, green beans, etc.), miso soup (white), then we had zessai (chinese starter we used to have in Japan at the Chinese rest.) and daicon. Everything was very nice :-)

Fumiyo la nostra amica e nonnina giapponese e' in vacanza da noi per 2 settimane. L'abbiamo portata a mangiare fuori e le e' piaciuto tutto, ma una sera ha cucinato lei cibo giapponese, perche' ovviamente ne sentiva la mancanza.
Ha preparato riso al vapore con verdure (carote, bambu, fagiolini, ecc), zuppa di miso (bianca) poi avevamo come antipasto una verdura di cui non so il nome ma che mangiavamo sempre come antipasto in un ristorante cinese a Tokyo a Mitsukoshi e poi daicon.
Tutto era buono :-)

Penne vodka, salsiccia fresca e panna

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Thanks to our friend Max from Lanciano :-) (Abruzzo, Italy) we made a great dish for our dinner. Max made up this dish and I used to enjoy it in university days.
The pasta is quiet simple to make.
Ingredients for 2 people:
3 fresh sausages
olive oil
1 clove of garlic
1 glass vodka
1 tsp tomato paste
200ml cream
160 gr. penne lisce
Heat up the oil and add the garlic, let it get gold and then remove. Add then the sausage already skinless and reduced in small bits. Saute' 1 minute then add the vodka and flambe' well till the sausage is well done. Then add the tsp of tomato paste and the cream and let it cook for 1 or 2 minutes.
Meanwhile the pasta was cooking, drain it, add to the sauce, stir well and serve with Parmesan cheese.
Enjoy your meal :-)

Grazie al nostro amico Max che durante l'universita' mi ha dato la possibilita' di provare uno dei suoi piatti che lo distinguono come
"bravo chef", ho deciso di riprodurre quel piatto per la nostra cena qui in Malesia. Questo piatto e' abbastanza semplice da preparare.
3 salsicce fresche
olio extra vergine d'oliva
1 spicchio d'aglio
1 bicchiere di vodka
1 cucchiaino di concentrato di pomodoro
200 ml panna da cucina
160gr penne lisce

Mettere a scaldare l'olio in una padella, aggiungerci l'aglio e farlo dorare, dopodiche' lo t
ogliete e vi aggiungete la salsiccia sbucciata in precedenza e ridotta a pezzetti. Fate rosolare la salsiccia per un minuto e poi aggiungere il bicchiere di vodka e flambe' il tutto sino a quando la salsiccia e' ben
cotta (cercate di tenere la fiamma accesa). Quando la salsiccia e' cotta aggiungere il concentrato e la panna e cuocere per 1 o 2 minuti.
Buon appettito!! :-)

The adventure of the little TOAD

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In June we went to Langkawi with my mother in law and Lesley. We staid there for 3-4 days and of course we staid at Pondok keladi an amazing place where in the night the only thing you can hear are the frogs singing.
We left Langkawi on a Thursday morning with the 9.35 am flight. We got home for lunch time and when Nigel took out his shoes from the bag he found inside a little toad who came for free from Langkawi. We tried to put some water on her to Hydrate it and we left it on the garden.
After few week here it is again on Nigel kung fu shoe, we took it out cos he needed the shoe and let it go in the garden again. It was a rainy day.
One Friday evening as usual Nigel left at 7pm to go to kung fu with his motorbike. First he was meeting his friend in a Chinese restaurant for dinner. When he open his rucksack he found the toad inside his shoe again and he had to keep it in. the he went to kung fu with it and after the lesson they came back home together again. We think the toad loves to travel cos it has been on a plane, on a car and on a motorbike :-)
Few days ago we saw a tiny toad jumping near our gate and we think our toad has found a friend :-)

Melacca with friends

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Last Friday we went to Melacca with our friends Duncan and Lina. We drove there and it took about 2 hours. The weather was beautiful and hot. We got there at 12.30pm, we check in in the "Equatorial hotel" then we went for our first babanyonya lunch. We went in a restaurant called "Banyonya" and we had : chicken rendang, sambal chicken, squid in tamarind sauce, kang kong and cendol for dessert.Very very good meal!!
Then after lunch we walked around the town for hours under an hot sun.
For dinner we went to a restaurant called "Ole Sayang" that means "Gift of Love". Here we had an amazing dinner, the restaurant was full, we had to walk around for 1 hour and then go back for a table. We had again rendang chicken , sambal aubergines, kang kong, fried fish and rice pudding for dessert.We had a good time and we enjoyed Melacca and the food.

Lo scorso venerdi' siamo andati a Melacca con una coppia di amici Duncan e Lina. Siamo andati in macchina e ci vogliono circa 2 ore da KL. Siamo arrivati li' alle 12.30 circa, abbiamo fatto il check in all'"hotel equatorial" e poi siamo andati a pranzo in uno dei ristoranti che la receptionist ci ha suggerito. "Banyonya", abbiamo mangiato cibo locale come pollo rendang, pollo sambal, spinaci cinesi e seppie con salsa al tamarindoe cendol come dessert (ghiaccio tritato con fagioli rossi, sciroppo di zucchero nero.
Dopo pranzo abbiamo girovagato per la citta' sotto un sole cocente.
Per cena siamo stati in un ristorante chiamato "Ole sayang" che significa "dono d'amore" e qui anche abbiamo mangiato benissimo. Il ristorante era pienissimo quindi abbiamo dovuto aspettare circa un'ora per un tavolo. Anche qui abbiamo mangiato chicken rendang, pesce fritto, melanzane con sambal, kang kong, and budino di riso per dessert.
Senza dubbio abbiamo passato due belle giornate a Melacca e abbiamo mangiato benissimo.

Merdeka a Port Dickson

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31 of August here in Malysia is "Merdeka day" so we decided to go to Port Dickson. Was the first time there, it took 1 hour by car.
We visited "Blue Lagoon", very nice and peaceful, the water was very shallow and there were lots of tiny crabs.
crab artwork
The best part of the day in PD was the lunch. We had an amazing chilly crab, western style buttered prawns and kang kong. I definitely recommend this place and we will be back there again soon.
restaurant chilli crab
Il 31 agosto qui in Malesia e' "merdeka" il giorno dell'indipendenza quindi abbiamo deciso di andare a Port Dickson a un'ora di macchina da qui, e' un posto sul mare, un porto.
Abbiamo visitato "blue lagoon", molto carino e tranquillo. La marea era bassissima e c'erano milioni di granchietti.
La parte piu' bella della giornata e' stato il pranzo, abbiamo mangiato granchi al peperoncino, gamberoni e spinaci cinesi.Raccomandiamo questo ristorante e sicuramente ci torneremo presto.
prawns kang kong