long long time

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We have been busy recently so I didn't update the blog.
In the last 4 months we had different members of the family over here.
In March as I mentioned before we had Roberta e Clara, my sisters. They staid here 2 weeks and together we went to Langkawi where we had a great time, again we staid at "Pondok Keladi" with our dear friends Dee and Marc.
My sisters loved the sun and the idea of being on the beach on March while in Italy was freezing cold.
We also went for island hopping and we visited a pesar malan, very interesting.

We had a fantastic meal in a chinese restaurant on the same street of Frangipani, I don't remember the name now but it's got big round tables and some strange lanterns in shape of butterfly, fish, etc. The praws in the bamboo were divine!!!