the new house

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I have been busy moving to the new house. Still lots to do, but definetly life is changed. Poldo is happier, he learned how to bark and I think he's the loudest dog in the area :-/

The house is big, too big for us, luckly our family is coming over to visit us. Next week my sisters Roberta e Clara are coming, they are going to stay with us 12 days and together we are going for a long week end in Langkawi........looking forward to it.

After then in April we are going to have my parents, Elia e Pietrina. They are going to stay 2 weeks but still we haven't planned where to go.

In May is my father in law turn, he's coming for 1 week and we are planning to go for 3 days to Cameron Highlands.

In June are coming my mother in law and Lesley for 2 weeks holiday and we must plan where to go with them, to Cameron highland for some cool hair or to Langkawi for some relaxing time on the beach!!